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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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cats. Lord Islay begged I would write to Florence to have the largest male and female that can be got, If you will speak to Stosch, you will oblige me: they may come by sea. You cannot imagine my amazement at your not "being invited to Eiccardi's ball; do tell me, when you know -what can be the meaning of it; it could not be inadvertence—nay, that were as bad! Adieu! my dear child, once more !
Downing Street, Oct. 8, 1741. O-S-
I HAVE been very near sealing this letter with black wax ; Sir Eobert came frpin Eichmond1 on Sunday night extremely ill, and on Monday was in great danger. It was an ague and looseness; but they have stopped the latter, and converted the other into a fever, which they are curing -with the bark. He came out of his chamber to-day for the first time, and is quite out of danger. One of the newspapers says Sir E. W. is so lad that there are no hopes of him.
The Pomfrets2 are arrived ; I went this morning to visit my Lord, but did not find him. Lady Sophia is ill, and my Earl3 still at Paris, not coming.
There is no news, nor a soul in town. One talks of nothing but distempers, like Sir Eobert's. My Lady Townsend4 was reckoning up t'other day the several things
the Pretender. He had been driven from Rome, though, it was suspected that he was a spy on both sides: he was a man of a most infamous character in every respect. Walpole.
LETTER 43.—* From, his lodge in New Park, Richmond, Surrey.
2 Thomas, Earl of Pomfret, and Henrietta Louisa, his Countess, and their two eldest daughters, Sophia and Charlotte, had been in Italy at the same time with Mr. Walpole. The Earl had been Master of the Horse to Queen Caroline, and thp
Countess Lady of the Bedchamber. Walpole.
8 Henry, Earl of Lincoln, was at that time in love with Lady Sophia Permor. Walpole.
4 Ethelreda Harrison, •wife of Charles Lord Viscount Townsend, but parted from him. Walp.ole.-^-Daughter of Edward Harrison, of Balls Park, Hertfordshire, sometime Governor of JPort St. George in India; m. (1728) Charles Townshend, tliird Viscount Townshend, by. whom, sho was the mother, of the first Marquis